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Samuel Andreyev’s music spans many genres, from chamber to orchestra as well as electroacoustic and vocal music. He was born in Kincardine, Ontario in 1981, but grew up in Toronto. Following his initial training at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, he studied composition privately in Paris from 2003, then at the Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP) from 2006-2011, where he obtained a masters degrees in composition (class of Frédéric Durieux) and a prix d’analyse supérieure (class of Claude Ledoux). From 2011-2012 he studied electroacoustics at IRCAM in Paris. He has also studied with figures such as Heinz Holliger, Klaus Huber, Brian Ferneyhough and Michael Jarrell.

Samuel Andreyev is Professor of Musical Analysis at the Conservatoire de Cambrai (France). He is also frequently sought after as a guest lecturer, giving masterclasses in conservatories and universities throughout Europe. A laureat of the Concours Henri Dutilleux (2012), he was named a member of the Académie de France à Madrid, residing at the Casa de Velázquez from 2012–2013.

Samuel Andreyev has received commissions from Radio France, Esprit Orchestra, the Archipel festival (Geneva), Ensemble Proton Bern, HANATSU miroir (Strasbourg), and many others. His music is performed throughout the world by ensembles such the Orchestre National de Lorraine, New Music Edmonton, l’Orchestre de l’Opéra de Massy, Continuum (Toronto), Les Percussions de Strasbourg, Nouvel Ensemble Modern, and many others. His work has been featured in numerous monographic concerts in Europe, as well as radio broadcasts. A new CD of his music, performed by Ensemble Proton Bern,was released in 2016.

Samuel Andreyev’s music is published by Alphonse Leduc (Paris), Resolute Music (USA) and the Canadian Music Centre. Also a writer, he has published several volumes of poetry as well as numerous articles. His latest book, The Relativistic Empire,came out through Bookthug in 2015. He lives in Strasbourg.

~ The Tubular West
~ Twelve
~ Songs of Elsewhere






Dion McGregor has written lyrics for songs made famous by the likes of Blossom Dearie, Joel Grey, and Barbra Streisand. His greater renown has come from being perhaps the most impressive sleeptalker in history—a legacy that owes much to his roommate and songwriting partner Michael Barr who recorded hundreds of Dion’s somnolent transmissions. The first album of these strange somniloquies—The Dream World of Dion McGregor—was released in 1964 by Decca Records. Thanks to Phil Milstein and Tzadik Records, a sequel followed in 1999 (Dion McGregor Dreams Again). After acquiring the archive of original dream tapes, Torpor Vigil released The Further Somniloquies of Dion McGregor in 2004. The latest instalment is Dreaming Like Mad With Dion McGregor, released in July 2014—just in time for the 50th anniversary of the first album! Dion McGregor stopped sleeptalking, at least so loquaciously, long before his death in 1994.

~ Dreaming Like Mad With Dion McGregor: Yet More Outrageous Recordings of the World's Most Renowned Sleeptalker
~ The Further Somniloquies of Dion McGregor: More Outrageous Recordings of the World's Most Renowned Sleeptalker

Christopher Dewdney is an acclaimed Canadian poet and non-fiction writer. His titles include Fovea Centralis, Alter Sublime, and Soul of the World: Unlocking the Secrets of Time. He is the author and voice behind the 2004 Torpor Vigil/Coach House Books CD A Natural History of Southwestern Ontario. Chris was born in London, Ontario, in 1951, and now lives in Toronto..

~ A Natural History of Southwestern Ontario

Steve Venright's books include Spiral Agitator and Floors of Enduring Beauty. He is currently working on a book about sleeptalker Dion McGregor, which will include transcripts of up to 270 somniloquies. As an audio artist, he is the creator of the two-and-a-half hour soundscape that accompanies Christopher Dewdney's voice on A Natural History of Southwestern Ontario. Steve was born in Sarnia, Ontario in 1961. At the age of twenty he crossed the plains of Southwestern Ontario and has resided in Toronto ever since.

~ A Natural History of Southwestern Ontario.