Alter Sublime began operation in 1991 as a distributor of superior ‘brain machines’. Specializing in pulsed light & sound devices and cranial electrostimulators, ASN’s product line featured the DAVID Paradise and the BT5 Brain Tuner. No longer an active enterprise, Alter Sublime in its afterlife is nevertheless pleased to direct interested parties to the manufacturers of those instruments it once proudly purveyed. David Siever and his associates at Comptronic Devices Ltd. (now Mind Alive) in Alberta design and produce some of the world’s finest neuro-enhancing tools, including the upgraded DAVID Paradise XL. They are also an excellent resource for clinical and historical literature on the subject of photic stimulation. Volker Risto of Transformation Technologies in California carries a wide range of bio-affective gadgets. Transformation Technologies is the official source of Dr. Robert Beck’s most recent Brain Tuner model, the BT6 Pro — a remarkable cranial electrostim unit backed by an impressive wealth of scientific and anecdotal reports attesting to its beneficial effects. If you contact them, please say hello on behalf of their old friends at Alter Sublime Neurotechnologies in Toronto.