BOOKS by Steve Venright

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Floors of Enduring Beauty
100 pages
Steve Venright
Mansfield Press, 2007
ISBN 978-1-894469-333
(1st Edition)
$16.95 (+ $2.50 shipping)

Spiral Agitator
128 pages (ill. by author)
Steve Venright
Coach House Books, 2000
ISBN 9-781552-450666
(1st Edition, 2nd Printing)
$16.95 (+ $4.00 shipping)

Straunge Wunder
64 pages (ill. by Richard Kirk)
Steve Venright
Tortoiseshell & Black, 1996
ISBN 1-896901-00-X
(1st Edition)
$13.00 (+ $4.00 shipping)

Notes Concerning the Departure of My Nervous System
36 pages in jewel case(cover laser print by author)
Steve Venright
Contra Mundo Press, 1991
(1st Edition, 200 copies only)
$32.00 (+ $4.00 shipping)

The Illustrated Venright English Dictionary
24 pages saddle-stitch in wrap cover (ill. by William Davison & Sherri Lyn Higgins)
(1st edition, 100 copies--sold out)
(1st edition, 2nd printing)
Steve Venright

Book Thug 2004
$8.50 (+ $4.00 shipping)

The Sleepy Turbine
24 pages hand-stitched hardcover
(ill. --including colour cover--by Kerry Zentner)
(1st edition, 3rd printing)
Steve Venright
LyricalMyrical 2003

$13.00 (+ $4.00 shipping)