TRYPTILES by Steve Venright
Tryptiles are available as 7"X7" prints (8.5"X8.5" including border) on Archival Epson Photo Paper . Unlike the other variegraph prints, these images are NOT printed using the Giclee process; however, excellent Epson inks have been used to write the image, ensuring a light-fast print that will last for decades without any detectable colour deterioration. All prints are signed and limited to an edition of 300.

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X [Torpor Vigil Industries
The Old Cumberland Forest Watertower
2 Bloor Street West, Suite 100
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4W 3E2

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* The currency converter below may be used to translate amounts into Canadian dollars. Please make money orders and cheques payable to Steve Venright/Torpor Vigil Industries.

Tryptile 16
$17 + $3 shipping = $20
Tryptile 18.1
$17 + $3 shipping = $20
Tryptile 20.1
$17 + $3 shipping = $20
Tryptile 20.2
$17 + $3 shipping = $20
Tryptile 22.2
$17 + $3 shipping = $20
Tryptile 23.1
$17 + $3 shipping = $20