Floors of Enduring Beauty

100 pages
(Mansfield Press 2007)

"Venright’s poem [Manta Ray Jack and the Crew of the Spooner] is a work of total virtuosity, a peerless poem in Canadian poetry. Indeed, the same may be said for Floors of Enduring Beauty as a whole."
—Alessandro Porco, Arc Poetry Magazine, Winter 2008
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With his first full-length work since the acclaimed Spiral Agitator (2000), Steve Venright  sails even further out onto uncharted literary waters. Floors of Enduring Beauty is laden with delirious extended prose poems, distorted philosophical musings, elaborate advice for instant gratification, a spoonerist narrative that rollicks on the high seas and other products of Venright’s ecstatic, hilarious and sometimes downright rude vision. It’s Baudelaire meets Lewis Carroll meets Monty Python—and it’s unlike anything else in Canadian literature.



Spiral Agitator

128 pages w/images by the author
(Coach House Books 2000)
Spiral Agitator online at

Spiral Agitator is a tour de force. This is one of the liveliest books I have ever read....It’s an enormous task to even try to describe how funny Venright is.” — Rob Thomas (The Varsity)

"Venright’s adroit adages always astonish and amaze, as he offers his tour of the nerve cathedral." — Karl Jirgens (Rampike)

"One of the most exciting books of Canadian poetry in recent memory."
Alessandro Porco ( Books in Canada)

"Venright has written and filled the prescription for all who have ever hunted snarks, practiced Cranial Theremin Ouija, or counted themselves among the ranks of Post-Historical Incubi, Somnivores, Philip K. Dickheads or Rimbaudelautreamontians. (The back cover taxonomy, of which these are only a few representative species, approaches Joycean proportions.).... These pieces show a deft rhetorical slight-of-hand that, like the narratives of Maldoror, both assert and undermine the credulity of the narrator's seductive incredulities." —Tom Orange (Rain Taxi)

The Unedited Word of God
The Last Invitation of Summer


Straunge Wunder

64 pages w/illustrations by Richard Kirk
(Tortoiseshell & Black 1996)

“I loved [Straunge Wunder]. Part Borges, part Calvino, a touch of Frederick Brown; I really enjoyed it.” — Terence McKenna, author of The Archaic Revival & True Hallucinations

“Venright is here practicing a lost magical art...invoking states of consciousness we all feared extinct.” — Michael Dean, author of The Walled Garden & In Search of the Perfect Lawn

“Venright is a wondrous stranger. His exotic writing brings us closer to an omelette — a sunny homage to surrealist delectation. We hallucinate a windmill when we read these gems of linguistic psilocybin.” — Christian Bök, author of Crystallography

“Definitley adds to the canon of sublime literature.” —Samuel Andreyev (THE EXPERT PRESS)


Notes Concerning the Departure of My Nervous System

32 pages in jewel case w/ variegraph print by the author
(Contra Mundo Press 1991)

Notes is high-density digital poetry for the ‘90s.... Like Burroughs, Venright slides out of the commonplace into the bizarre so quickly that it leaves the reader with a feeling of vertiginous uncertainty about what, exactly, the real is.... This is top-notch work.... Even if you don’t normally read poetry — especially if you don’t normally read poetry — you should read’ll renew your faith in an artform your high-school English teacher did his (or her) best to alienate you from for life.” — Darren Wershler-Henry, author of Nicholodeon: a book of lowerglyphs



64 pages w/ collages by the author
(Underwhich Editions 1986)

 “One of the most interesting and imaginative first books of Canadian poetry I’ve read in a long time.”
         —Stephen Morrissey (Poetry Canada Review)


The Illustrated Venright English Dictionary

Illustration from The IVED
(image of cover not currently available)

24 pages saddle-stitched in wrap cover
fully illustrated with B+W collages by
William Davison and Sherri Lyn Higgins
(Book Thug 2004)

Definitions selected from the glossaries of
Visitations, Straunge Wunder & Spiral Agitator

Click on above image
to see more of the illustrations

Selected Entries


The Sleepy Turbine

24 pages hand-stitched hardcover
fully illustrated (including colour cover) by Kerry Zentner
(LyricalMyrical 2003)

Three of Kerry Zentner's drawings from The Sleepy Turbine

The Sleepy Turbine (selections)


A Neureality

12 pages hand-stitched w/ silkscreened tarpaper cover
(Martin Garth Press 2000)


Rotatiga Larips

20 pages hand-stitched w/ silkscreened cover of a drawing by the author


The Long & the Short of It

8 pages hand-stitched
(LETTERS 1999)

The good news is that the government has fallen.
The bad news is that it has fallen on



maybe soon


Distended Aphorisms mp3

11 June 2001 at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto
Poetica series

The Unedited Word of God

12 September 1999 at the Idler Pub in Toronto
Idler series

Reverberatory Furnace mp3 (3.8MB)
(Five definitions by Steve Venright with sonic treatments by James Blight)

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