Towards the end of the 1900s, Alter Sublime introduced its Hallucinatorium, a touring neurotech sideshow engineered to provoke retinal splendour in the unwary. Visitors to the nomadic Hallucinatorium were treated to designed and improvised stroboscopic stimulation by means of the D.A.V.I.D. Paradise, a superb light & sound device developed and manufactured by Comptronic Devices Ltd. The therapeutic applications of this instrument are quite remarkable, but so are its properties as a catalyst of spectacular visual phenomena. By programming sequences that exploited the Paradise’s most dynamic and varied effects, I was able to produce a sort of intracranial fireworks display for those who donned the patented Omniscreen eyesets. For many, the experience went beyond the enthralled observation of fascinating colours and patterns to become a hyperlucid and ultravivid dream of otherworldly aspect (it’s possible that in certain cases the viewer’s perceptual faculties had been augmented by chemical assimilation - contrary to the manufacturer's advice). Proferring psychedelic sessions such as Turbulation, Tranceport X, and Velvet Airlines, the Alter Sublime Hallucinatorium materialized at various raves, nightclubs, and festivals in the Toronto area, Montreal, and parts of New York state (making rogue appearances under the auspices of other operators in British Columbia and Nova Scotia).
The images in this gallery have been selected from the TVI archives to provide glimpses of the Hallucinatorium in operation. Herein can be seen adventurous neuronauts submitting to the strange refulgence of a pulsed-light trip on the “Paradise Device”.