Michael Dean
In Search of the Perfect Lawn
(Black Moss Press)

Lynda Curnoe
My Brother Greg
(ERGO Books)

Brian Panhuyzen
Death of the Moon

(Cormorant Books)

Stephen Cain Torontology
Coach House Books)

Christopher Dewdney
Signal Fires
(McClelland & Stewart)

Nancy Dembowski
Ninety-Seven Posts With the Heads of Dead Men
(Tortoiseshell & Black)

Stuart Ross
The Inspiration Cha-Cha
(ECW Press)

Jim Munroe Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gas Mask

Nancy Dembowski

Only the Ghost Has Lasted
(Insomniac Press)

Stuart Ross
Henry Kafka
(Mercury Press)

Kerry Zentner & Richard Kirk

Sam Andreyev

Kerry Zentner (as child)